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HSE Manager |

HSE Manager
IS Coming Soon

An application dedicated to you.
Providing quick and easy service for Hypesquad meetups at events across the globe.

We are here to help you
find a gaming event near you

We're a group of Discord Hypesquad members that wanted to create a website where everyone can view nearby events. Hypesquad members will be able to respond to events, while event coordinators will be able to add their own events to the map. The purpose of this website is to unite people with the same passion.

So, by now you're wondering what can we offer. Fear not as here's a list for you:

  • Access to a map with all nearby events
  • Event creation for all those Coordinators ;)
  • One sign in to rule them all (of course Discords OAuth)
  • Responding to events, so your fellow friends can see where're you're going.

Would you like to know, when we release our website?

Follow us on social media such as Twitter or join our Discord server and be among FIRST to know.